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Mission Statement - "Igniting Potential"
The Rumson School District ignites the potential of its learners by growing, inspiring, and cultivating personal excellence academically, socially, and emotionally.


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Forrestdale Guidance
Harassment, Intimidation, or Bullying (HIB)
Multi Tiered System of Support (MTSS)
Intervention & Referral Services (I&RS)
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School Counseling Services

Dr. Michael Snyder, Director of Student Services

Mrs. Alyson Ephraim, Administrative Assistant 

Phone:  732-842-0330 ext. 4316
Fax 732-219-9458

Jessica Piernik, School Counselor (Grades PK-3)
Email: 732-842-0330 x4409

Allie Copman, School Counselor (Grades 4-5)
Email: 732-842-0383 x4390

Amanda Fahy, School Counselor (Grades 6-8)
Email:  732-842-0383 x4580