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Mission Statement - "Igniting Potential"
The Rumson School District ignites the potential of its learners by growing, inspiring, and cultivating personal excellence academically, socially, and emotionally.


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Curricular Units

Rumson’s curriculum is continuously enhanced and revised as necessary to meet the needs of students. As these units are revised they will be be updated for public viewing.

When designing units of study for each grade level and subject area:

  • The appropriate state standards are identified and analyzed to determine what students should know and be able to do at each grade level and in each unit of study.

  • Assessments, including both tests and projects, are designed to assess those learning goals.

  • Activities are gathered or developed to help students practice the necessary knowledge, skills, and strategies.

  • Data, both in grade and in anecdotal form, is collected during instruction to determine how well students are meeting the goals so adjustments can be made in the instructional plan to help students successfully meet the goals of the units as evaluated in the assessments.

  • Relevant 21st century skills and technology applications are integrated into the units of study to help students gain skills in problem-solving, collaboration, and technology.

  • Interdisciplinary connections are made between units to model the integration of knowledge and skills in the real world.

Please lick on the appropriate grade level in the District Curriculum Unit Chart linked here and below to view what students are learning by grade and subject