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Special Education Accommodations

In our district, we are committed to ensuring that every child receives the support they need to thrive academically. Below are various accommodations and modifications that teachers may implement based on the unique needs of each student or any suspected areas of disability.
Presentation Accommodations: These accommodations enable students to access information in a way that suits their learning style:
  • Listening to audio recordings instead of reading text.
  • Engaging with content through audiobooks, movies, videos, and digital media.
  • Utilizing materials with larger print size or fewer items per page.
  • Receiving oral instructions.
  • Accessing class notes shared by another student.
  • Receiving lesson outlines.
  • Using visual aids like word webs and organizers.
  • Receiving written instructions.
Response Accommodations: These accommodations facilitate students in expressing their understanding:
  • Providing responses orally or in written form, whichever is easier.
  • Using tools like spelling dictionaries or electronic spell-checkers.
  • Typing notes or responses using a word processor.
  • Utilizing calculators or math fact tables.
Setting Accommodations: These accommodations ensure students have an optimal environment for learning:
  • Working or taking tests in a quiet, low-distraction setting.
  • Choosing seating arrangements conducive to learning.
  • Utilizing special lighting or acoustics.
  • Taking tests in small group settings.
  • Using sensory tools like exercise bands for fidgeting.
Timing Accommodations: These accommodations provide students with the time they need to succeed:
  • Allowing extra time for task completion or tests.
  • Providing additional time to process oral information.
  • Taking breaks as needed.
Scheduling Accommodations: These accommodations accommodate students' individual schedules:
  • Extending project deadlines.
  • Allowing flexibility in the order of test sections.
  • Scheduling tests at specific times of the day.
Organization Skills Accommodations: These accommodations support students in managing their workload:
  • Using alarms for time management.
  • Marking texts with highlighters.
  • Receiving assistance with organizing assignments.
  • Learning study skills.
Assignment Modifications: These modifications adjust the workload for students:
  • Completing fewer or different homework problems.
  • Writing shorter papers.
  • Answering fewer or different test questions.
  • Completing alternate projects or assignments.
Curriculum Modifications: These modifications adapt the curriculum to meet students' needs:
  • Learning different material at their own pace.
  • Being assessed using different grading criteria.
At our district, we are dedicated to creating an inclusive learning environment where every student can thrive and reach their full potential. If you have any questions or require further assistance regarding special education accommodations, please don't hesitate to reach out to us.