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Judge Ellis, PreK-8
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     732-842-0383 x316

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Allie Copman, Gr. 4, 5
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Nancy Pearson, Gr. 6 - 8
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      732-842-0383 x455

District Anti-Bullying Coordinator

Dr. John Bormann
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District Affirmative Action, Title IX Officer, 504 Officer
Michael Snyder, Supervisor of Special Education

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Spencer Austin, School Psychologist
Michael Snyder, Supervisor of Special Education
Jessica Piernik, School Counselor
Allie Copman, School Counselor
Nancy Pearson, School Counselor

Homeless Liaison
Michael Snyder, Supervisor of Special Education

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Michael Snyder, Supervisor of Special Education

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Michael Snyder, Supervisor of Special Education
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Child Abuse

Michael Snyder, Supervisor of Special Education
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Forrestdale Extra-Curricular Clubs 2019-2020


                                                     Forrestdale Club Calendar

Please referer to the live club calendar to see meeting dates for clubs.


Please note that Forrestdale clubs operate differently from Deane-Porter clubs.   Forrestdale student may join clubs through  This is the same website used for your student's lunch account.  Once you have signed up for a club at $25, you will be assigned a participation fee of $75 which is a one time payment for the year.  This fee allows you to join any club or sport at Forrestdale school.  


Forrestdale Extra-Curricular Clubs 2019 - 2020

Please note that Forrestdale clubs operate differently from Deane-Porter clubs.   Unless you are notified otherwise, it is safe to assume your children are in the club(s) they sign up for as long they choose correctly based on their grade levels.  You will not need a confirmation in order to participate, but you do need to submit the club selection form and any necessary payment. Please always check the Forrestdale Club Calendar for club dates and changes.  All clubs will begin the week of September 16th (unless otherwise denoted).

Chess Club

Open to students in all Forrestdale grades 4-8, chess club members will learn to use higher-level thinking skills as well as gain strategies to become competitive chess players.  Students have the opportunity to play students from all grade levels. Advisor: Mr. Joe Novellino.  Meets Monday mornings in the cafeteria at 7:45 am.

Start date 9/16

Senior Choir

The Forrestdale Senior Choir is open to students in grades 6-8.  Performances include the holiday concert, spring concert and the Tri-District Festival.  Some years the choir competes at the Music in the Parks Festival at Six Flags Great Adventure. Advisor: Mrs. Barbara Leutz. Meets Wednesday and Friday mornings at 7:45 am in Room 113. Start date, Wednesday 9/18


Junior Choir

The Forrestdale Junior Choir is open to students in grades 4-5 who love to sing. Emphasis will be placed on vocal technique, reading vocal scores, and musicianship. The choir will perform at the "Evening of Fine Arts" in the spring. Advisor: Mrs. Barbara Leutz. Meets Tuesday mornings at 7:45 am in Room 113.  Start date Tuesday 9/17


Debate Club 

The Debate Club is open to students in grades 7-8.  Students will learn public speaking, argument, and debate strategies and prepare for four competitions throughout the year at different locations in Monmouth County. Advisor: Ms. Sullivan.  Meets Thursday during Period 6: Lunch and Recess in Room 505.  Additional morning meetings will take place around tournament dates.


Drama Club

The Drama Club is open to students in grades 6-8.  All students will participate in the spring musical the last weekend in January. Auditions and rehearsals begin in October. Advisor: Mrs. Barbara Leutz/Mr. Vinny Sabatino  Rehearsals are after school on days and dates to be announced to participants, with evening and weekend rehearsals near the opening of the show.


                                                                                            Enviromental Club

Open to students in grades 5-8. Students will be able to participate in the environmental issue they feel passionate about: clean beaches, clean water, clean air, recycling, and more! Activities involve making posters or games to educate the community about the issues; participating in beach s    Environmental Club weeps, park cleanups, or dune planting; teaching younger students about the issues...lots of ways to get involved. Club will meet on specific Thursdays after school in Mrs. Crow’s room.. Calendar of meetings and events will be posted on Google classroom.  Community Service hours given for event participation . Club is capped at 25 participants.


Garden Club

The Garden Club is open to 4th and 5th grade students.  The purpose of the Garden Club is to promote the knowledge and love of gardening and to share the environmental advantages of gardening.  Throughout the school year, the students will learn how to seed, plant, and harvest in the garden beds and the new aquaponics system. Cody Parker, found of Drop the Beet, will serve as a consultant and will be attending several sessions. 

Advisors: Miss Brittaney Flynn.  Meets on the second and fourth Friday at 3:15 pm in Miss Flynn’s science room.  Please refer to club calendar on the website for meeting dates


The Forrestdale School Band Program

Open to students in grades 5-8, the Forrestdale band program is an excellent way for students to learn a new instrument and have fun making music with their peers. Students are introduced to the program at the end of their fourth grade year, with instruction beginning the following September. In addition to a weekly small group instrumental music lesson, students play in one of three concert bands and may also audition to play in the Forrestdale Jazz Ensemble. The bands have a proud tradition and have received top awards at Music in the Parks festivals. Band members give a variety of performances, including school concerts, pep rallies, parades, festivals, and the eighth grade graduation ceremony. Advisor: Mr. John Lebitsch. Please visit Mr. Lebitsch’s website for concert dates and additional information. Bands are currently scheduled to meet in the band room at the following times:  Please refer to club calendar for meeting dates.

Beginning Band  – Friday mornings 7:45

Intermediate Band  – Monday & Wednesday mornings 7:45

Advanced Band  – Tuesday & Thursday mornings 7:45

Jazz Ensemble  – Tuesday afternoons 3:15-4:30


Math Club

Students in  Algebra 1 or Geometry can volunteer to join the MathCounts Math Club!  Those students who join the Math Club will have the opportunity to tryout to compete in the National MathCounts Competition.  The competition team consists of 10 eighth graders or 8 th grade level students.  The purpose of the club is to enrich/challenge those students who are gifted in mathematics. If no more than 10 students are interested, no tryouts will need to be held for the actual competition team.  The Middlesex/Monmouth County Chapter Competition will be in February, 2018. Advisor: Mrs. Lisa Jacobowitz. Meeting times and days will be determined based on student schedules and will be announced by the advisor.



The BCB (Student Announcements Club) is a great opportunity for students in grades 6-8 to develop and use their talents for the benefit of Forrestdale School.  Students can improve their public speaking skills and also participate in hands-on activities in creating an actual TV production that airs for the entire student population of Forrestdale as the student announcements. Advisor: Mr. Chris Macioch.   Meets every morning from 7:45- 8:25 am in the Innovation Lab.  BCB will begin the week on September 23rd.


Paw Print Press

The Paw Print Press, Forrestdale’s student newspaper, is open to students in all Forrestdale grades 4-6.  The Paw Print Press focuses on informative articles in each issue and looking at current events for inspiration in writing.  Participating students will make local, national, and international news a regular part of their lives, reporting on events that affect the Rumson community. Advisor: Ms. Sam Johnson and Ms. Nancy Kegelman.   All members are expected to attend all meetings. See club calendar for meeting times.


Spirit Club

The Forrestdale Spirit Club is open to all students in grades 6-8 who want to help promote enthusiasm for Forrestdale in all kinds of ways, including cheering on our basketball teams and creating fun ways to bring Bulldog supporters together. Spirit Club is responsible for promoting Spirit Week and the annual Holy Cross basketball game.  Advisor: Ms. Meghan Kain. Meets in Ms. Kain’s classroom, in Room 307 on Friday mornings at 8AM, starting December 1st and ending March 1st.


                                                                                   STEM Club

Grade 4 - 8

The STEM, or STEAM Club, is open to students in grades 4 - 8.  Students will participate in inquiry-based projects that will ignite their intellectual potential and curiosity in science, technology, engineering, and math related fields.  In a team with peers, students will collaborate and follow the steps of the engineering design process in order to try and meet the challenges presented. Students will be intrigued,  inspired, and challenged. Advisors: Miss Brittaney Flynn Meets on every second and fourth Thursday of the month at 7:45 am in Miss Flynn’s science room.  


                                                                                     Yoga Club

Open to grades 4-6.Yoga club will run for three, six-week sessions throughout the school year. Yoga will engage all students physically, mentally, emotionally, and socially. Students will learn poses to increase flexibility, strength, coordination, body awareness, and self esteem in a non competitive way. Yoga will also allow students to develop self relaxation, and stress management techniques useful in our busy society and school year. Feel free to bring your own mat and comfortable clothing. Mats will be provided if you need one! Meets Tuesday mornings at 7:45 in the health room 413. Club starts on October 1st ending March 10th.