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Rumson School District Administration

Title Name Phone Email 
Superintendent of Schools Dr. John E. Bormann 732-842-4747 email 
Administrative Assistant, Superintendent Ms. Denise Guerci 732-842-4747 email
School Business Adminstrator Ms. Debra Allen 732-842-0354 email 
Administrative Assistant, Business Admin./Accts. Payable/Receivable Mrs. Dara Burke 732-842-0354 email 
Administrative Assistant, Business Administrator/Payroll Ms. Pat Caudo 732-842-0354 email
Supervisor of Special Education Mr. Michael Snyder 732-842-0811 email
Administrative Assistant, Sup. of Special Education Ms. Laura Randazzo 732-842-0811 email
Supervisor of Curriculum, Instruction & Assessments Mrs. Vera Ridoux 732-945-3100 email
Administrative Assistant, Sup. Curr., Instr. & Assessments Mrs. Jen Wargo 732-945-3100 email
Supervisor of Building and Grounds Mr. James O'Brien 732-842-0383 x324 email


Deane Porter School Administration

Title Name Phone Email
Principal, Deane Porter School Ms. Shari Feeney 732-842-0330 x350 e-mail
Administrative Assistant, Principal Mrs. Diane Ryan 732-842-0330 x350 e-mail


Forrestdale School Administration

Title Name Phone Email
Principal, Forrestdale School Mrs. Jennifer Gibbons 732-842-0383 x314 e-mail
Administrative Assistant, Principal  Mrs. Tricia Zifchak 732-842-0383 x314 e-mail
Administrative Assistant Mrs.Antoinette Zimbile 732-842-0383 x331 e-mail